Class of 1992 Happenings from the September/October 1997 Assembly:

Becky Dieck left the Army in March 1996 and works as an intelligence research specialist for the FBI in Dallas. While she loves the civilian world, she said it was nice to see classmates like Chris Shannon and Corey Mitchell at the North Texas game last year. Becky really enjoys the North Texas area and is looking forward to the 5-year reunion

Michael and Heather (Brooks) Spears were married on 12 October 1996 at Fort Benning after Mike finished the advanced course. Bill Goss was the best man. Soon after, the newlyweds left the country for Schweinfurt where Mike is an A/S-3 in 7 AR. Both are enduring his 6-month tour in Bosnia, which should have ended in mid-September. Congrats to both - and a speedy return from Bosnia.

Carl and Linda Hollister wrote from two parts of the world - Linda is in Maryland after being medically discharged, and Carl is waiting to take command in June in Korea with the 2ID. Linda now works for Pfizer (along with Mike Emons and Michelle Kurbiel) and travels up and down the beaches of Maryland and Delaware selling pharmaceuticals. Linda is involved in the "Women in Military Service for America." (WIMSA) memorial, currently being constructed in the Arlington National Cemetery. As part of the memorial a national servicewomen register is being compiled. Anyone interested can provide their name, quotes, or photos by calling the WIMSA memorial foundation at 1-800-222-2294 or Good luck with the work and keep us posted.

Bonnie Steele moved back to Louisville. She continues to express her gratitude for the unwavering support from Jackson's classmates. Write or e-mail James Isenhower at for her new address.

James Isenhower spoke briefly with Mark Coomes, who is out at Fort Lewis from Cornell teaching all the ROTC cadets how to fight. Ted and Katarina Kelly enjoyed a month of leave and a German wedding this spring as they both prepare to leave active duty. Tray Tankersley is on terminal leave spending some serious time with a serious acquaintance in Atlanta. He asked to pass on that he is so short, by the time you read this you can call him Mr. Tankersley.

No mail makes for a short column and bad jokes. At Fort Hood, James established a counseling and encounter group with Cavoli, Fath, Jones, Morgan, Smith, and Taylor. The group is designed to help those like us deal with the wait for command. They meet each Saturday evening and hold hands, pass tissue around, and cry a lot. They were all relieved when they were notified that everyone would be in command no later than 31 DEC 2005. Don't give up! Keep the letters and photos coming. God Bless The Brave and the Few.

Class of 1992 Happenings from the Web:

Enrico Cacciatore got out of the Army last July and started working for Fidelity Investments at One World Financial Center in NYC. Why he was in the Army he spent my time with 5th Special Forces Group as a Signal Detachment Commander and Group Information Management Officer. He also did a 8 month TDY in Little Creek, Virginia as the Joint Communication Officer for the Joint Special Operations Task Force for COMSOCACOM. Presently, he is a Communications Advisor for Fidelity consulting the clearing & trading business units on their systems. He expects to move over to trading & sales in the next month or two as an Assistant Trader for Fidelity Capital Markets at 14 Wall St. Sally Kim is also working at Fidelity as an Analyst with the Risk Management Department. She is completing her MBA at NYU. Peter Young also got his MBA from NYU in the Spring of ‘97. Jeff Jagalski is working in NYC for Morgan Stanley. Rick also spoke recently with Georgio Caldarone from Sasabo, Japan. He will be getting out of the Marines in Dec. ‘97 to do a year tour of the World. Rick was the one who came up with the idea 3 years back while seeing him in California. Rick is thinking about joining him. Rod Fischer is working for Intel in Portland inspecting Pentium II chips. Larry Wittwer left for Korea with a follow-on to Hawaii. Debbie Vann is working for Prudential Securities in New Jersey integrating Lotus Notes into the Company. Toby Crowder just moved to Conn. working for GE Capital selling Mutual Funds to Portfolio Managers.

Doug Ross wrote with an update for the Class page. Doug got out in January and is now working for Lockheed Martin Astronautics in Denver, CO, doing dynamic analysis for the Atlas rocket program. Doug and his wife Ruth have a 2 year old girl (Kaitlin) and a 4 month old boy (Cody), and are having a great time in Colorado. They bought a house in February and spend their days landscaping/watering/planting trees & flowers, and chasing after the kids! Doug just talked to Romeo Gonzales last night and he is now out of the Army, working for Komatsu in Chicago (a big maker of earthmoving equipment). Romeo, his wife Susie and son Jacob are getting settled up there. Doug spent a year at the Waterways Experiment Station in Vicksburg, MS, where Dan Aloisi is now. He’s doing research on some new mobility planning software for the Corps of Engineers. Doug was in Minneapolis and saw Jim Guenter, who Tom Payne had just visited on a business trip. Tom now works for Nortel (Northern Telecommunications of Canada) and works and lives in Dallas, TX. It sounds like he’s doing work in computer networking.

John Vallely and John Stone sent this message from the last frontier. John Vallely and John Stone have a pad in North Pole, AK. Stoner is a Bn S3 Air and JV is the Bn S1 for 1-17 IN. JV just got back from a UN observers tour in Western Sahara, Africa. Pete Greany is the assistant S3 for 2-1 In. Mike and Mary (Mace) Baumeister are here with their two children. Mike is the BDE s4 for the Arctic Warrior Brigade, the coldest brigade in the Army. John Polhamus is the commander of the US Army Garrison, Fort Wainwright. Jason and Ashley Reherman just had a kid. Jason is working in the brigade (same cold brigade) s3 shop. Dave and Sheri Lacy are waiting to get out in Wasilla, AK.

Desi Wyatt sent his last update from Korea. He will have completed his one year tour in Korea on August 7, and his wife, Veleska, will be receiving her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from Baylor University August 16. Fortunately, he will be able to attend her graduation ceremony. After Korea, his next stop is Fort Lee, Va for CLOAC. He will be snowbirding for about 2 months, as his class won’t begin until October 28. The reunited couple will be living in Richmond, Va for the duration of the course. Classmate sightings: Dierk Hohman and Jeff Vajda recently arrived to the 2-52nd Avn Bn here at Camp Humphreys. Both have assigned as XOs in the two line companies, respectively. Phil and Jen Ryan are also in country. Phil is the S-4 in an Apache Battalion at Camp Stanley and Jen is commanding a Blackhawk company at Camp Paige. Matt Moore and Pete Carey are up at the DMZ working on the JSA staff. Desi has seen more, but can’t recall them all by name. Anyway, it’s like a mini-class reunion over here.

Rod Fischer and Dan Core wrote to say, "Hi". Both are working for Intel as electrical engineers in Oregon. Intel is always looking for good people (all fields) so if anyone is interested - send Rod your resume. Rod plans on going to the reunion this fall. They look forward to seeing our home on the Hudson again.

Joe Munko wrote from Tucson, Arizona where he is out of the Army and attending the U of Arizona business school. Matt Sousa is assigned to 3d ACR in the S-3 shop at Fort Carson. He’s married and awaiting command. Brett Bagwell finished the Q-course in March and headed to Ft. Campbell and 5th Group. Since then he has fallen off the end of the earth. Brandon Hayes finished his initial assignment with 3d ACR and headed to Armor OAC back in October 96. He got married enroute to Ft. Knox to a lovely Army nurse. His follow on assignment was with 2d ACR at Ft. Polk, LA. (Oh Joy!) Ed McManus is the self proclaimed King of All he surveys, however, his nearsightedness has gotten so bad he really can’t survey much. He resides in Chicago.

Tom Payne wrote from Dallas, Texas where he gave some quick info. He got out of the Army 30 May 97, and went to work for Northern Telecom. Things are going well, civilian life is a big change, but his wife and him are adjusting. He saw Jim Guenter a few months back. He lives in his home town of St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife Gretchen and beautiful 1 year old daughter Leah. He is working for Andersen Consulting and doing well. While with Jim, Tom spoke with Jeremy Klages on the phone. He is also out of the Army and is playing guitar in a band, and going to grad school in Arizona.

Robert Foltynowicz wrote with an update on his life, as well as other grads he’s kept in contact with. Robert is starting his second year at Purdue University where he is working on his PhD in Physical Chemistry. He and his wife, Jacqueline are living in West Lafayette, Indiana in their new home. John and Michelle Bojescul graduated medical school and he is now a general practitioner for the Army. You may now refer to him as Dr. Bojescul. Mike Smith is leaving the Army and taking his wife and son to Michigan where he intends to start on his Masters degree. Frank Pometti is out of the army and working on Wall Street somewhere.

JB Bents wrote from Chicago where he is working for the Department of Justice. He left the Army in April, he hated to leave the great Pacific Northwest, but he is happy not be in Newark! Anyway, he saw Mike Stokes and Dan Pillitiere in Quantico, VA. Both got Texas for their assignments, and both were ecstatic! Hope all is well with you. RLTW, and BEAT NAVY!!

Greg Sarakatsannis wrote from Utah where he is flying F-16s for the US Air Force. He and Craig Baker are both in the same Squadron.

Mike Burris wrote with everything that he knows about D-3 at this time. He has been out for about a year and is currently working for Halliburton Energy Services in Carrollton, Texas as a commodities manager. He and his wife, Robyn, are expecting their second child in early November. This time it will be a girl he says, as they already have a 3 year old son, Jackson. In July he traveled to Iowa to see Mike Jensen get married. Mike is currently stationed at Ft Campbell, KY. He is already expecting a child, however, he became an instant father because his wife, Tracy, already had two kids. John Reese flew in from New Jersey for the wedding. He is working in a medical supply sales position, but he is getting ready to go back to school. Randy Sadler is out of the Army. He is now working in the marketing department for Proctor and Gamble. He is a brand manager for the Pantene shampoo line. Guy Baretierri and Mike James are currently in Special Forces qualification course. Mike married Debbie Shahid and they are expecting their second child soon. Randy Eccleston and his wife Denise are stationed in Johnson City, TN. Randy has two kids and is suffering under the thankless job of working Recruiting command. Kevin Driscoll is out of the Army and working sales in Plano, TX. He was recently married in Florida and is supposedly expecting his first. Randy Sadler and Dan Bath both attended the wedding.

Mick McDonnell wrote where he is a Senior Consultant for the Arbour Group, LLC. The Arbour Group specializes in information technology consulting for manufacturing and logistics companies. They are looking for math/science/engineering degrees; no hard-core computer background required. Details on the job can be found here or you can e-mail Mick directly.

Robert Eason wrote to inform the class that he is out of the Army and attending business school at the University of Chicago. He and his wife have a two year old daughter, Savannah, and another child on the way. Overall, life is good.

Don Vollmar wrote from Waterloo, Iowa where he is now officially a civilian. He is there with Annie, and Adam working as a Quality Engineer for John Deere. Annie and Adam are busy getting the new house turned into a home. They are very happy so far. Don says the job is great, he's got autonomy, good hours (8), a clear goal or vision to work toward, no deployments, etc. The only downer is community. It will take a long time to make the same number of friends that you would know on any given day at any post. Don says that if you want to know what civilian life is like you can e-mail him.

Bob Sierens sent a quick note to let us know that he's still alive. Bob is getting his MBA at Kellogg at Northwestern and is hugely outnumbered by Naval Academy Grads. His wife Alison is supporting his quest for higher learning as an Investment banker in Chicago. Lance and Laurie Chambers are hanging tough in Evanston right along with Bob, except that Lance has to work for a living at Kraft.