Class of 1992 Happenings from the September/October 1996 Assembly:

Tom Payne is the proud father of Joshua Rex, born on 5 May at FT Benning. Both child and mother are healthy. Tom is at IOAC and says his class is much like a '92 class reunion. He left 4/12 IN in Baumholder, Germany in the spring. Behind stayed Guy Bereterri, the infamous class goat. As Guy deployed to Bosnia, his commander was hurriedly PCS'd and Guy assumed command of HHC 4/12 IN. The last to grad, he was the first to CPT in the class, promoted 22 FEB 96. Congrats - the Dean would be proud!

Philip Swabsin is at MIOAC after spending time in Bosnia as an intel and surveillance platoon leader. While participating in Operation Joint Endeavor, Philip saw Melvin Jenks, an LNO for the same unit Guy Beretteri commanded in. Both of them spent time near Vlascenica, having fun performing route recons, convoy escorts, and associated security missions.

Adrian Cordovi is at the end of a 3-year stint in Panama. He recently spoke with Bill Eger, a UH-60 pilot on his way to JTF-B. In other news from the isthmus, Bill Miranda married MI LT Susan Pena. Kevin Clark, Adrian's roommate, was assigned to 5-87 IN, and for reasons unknown always slept with a loaded pistol under his pillow. Isn't the Atlantic side the safe one? Drew Smith married his girlfriend (Petra) of three years in Mar 1996 and both are now at FT Belvoir. Jeff and Caroline Jagielski added Michael Jeffrey to their family 30 Jan 96. After leaving Panama Andy Pasterchick headed to MIOAC. Adrian also mentioned that Jason Thacker married Isabelle and it was supposed to be a secret. Well, it's PUBLIC now, so send the pictures! If anyone is headed to Panama and needs info write Ike for Adrian's specifics. By the way, Adrian is now at MIOAC.

Frank Smith is back from Hungary and enjoying the SOAC at FT Gordon. Right before he left he spoke with Yolanda Turner, whose engineer unit was flown over to build the bridge over the Sava. Frank included in his letter stories of hazing '95 LTs (who actually had Frank in the front-leaning rest) and a picture of all the other grads in his Bn. Ironically, the only other grads were his battalion commander and the battalion xo. Now Frank, that's no way to improve the PCS OER! Thanks for the info.

Leroy and Diane Barker are headed to FT Bragg while Leroy enjoys the Q course. While at IOAC he saw Scotty Jerald who is trying desperately to avoid the dreaded Korea assignment and is probably already on his way. Leroy spoke briefly with JJ Jordano who is finishing the Engineer Advance Course. Jamie Bankey visited the Barkers back in the summer of 1995 on his way to Eglin AFB to work with the 4th RTB. Rob Salley finished his MBA at White Sands and is trying to decide whether to leave and make more money or go to the MP Adv Crs. We'll know only if Rob writes. Write, Rob, write. Former classmate Larry Whitley graduated from OCS this spring and is at the Chemical basic course enroute to Korea.

Garth Yarnall wrote from FT Lewis where he is the 593 Support Group S1. Almost two years ago he and his wife Stephany had a baby girl, Mackenzie Lee. With him in the northwest are James Bents, Chris Mendez, Ryan Trischler, and Steve Vestal. Garth also ran into Eric Hall and Duke Mosely while playing rugby in Pensacola.

Niave Vernon is at FT McClellan for MPOAC. She just returned from Bosnia where she saw Christiane Ploch and Jon Tussing. Chris is XO for HHC, 2nd Bde, 1st AD. Gail Colbert just finished QMOAC and is headed for Hawaii. Ger O'Donnel and Jen Bradac have recently finished QMOAC also; Ger is headed to FT Meade and Jen to FT Eustis. Marc Suarez is an ROTC instructor at Purdue. Keith Gallew and Neil Zuckerman helped inactivate the aviation regiment at FT Carson. Karin Johnson graduated from Medical school at Michigan University and is completing her internship in Washington.

Mike and April McKay gave birth to a baby girl named Madeline this spring. Mike recently completed the Armor OAC and is transitioning to OH-58D's at FT Rucker.

Congrats to Aaron Pitney, now an MD on his way to Hawaii with family in tow!

Keep the news flowing. God Bless THE BRAVE AND THE FEW.

On a sad note, I report the passing away of Jackson Steele. At last report he was well on his way to making a 100% recovery. Unfortunately he had a relapse of cancer and died at FT Gordon, GA on 26 Oct 96. A memorial service was held for him on 30 Oct 96. Please keep his family in your prayers during this time.

Class of 1992 Happenings from the Web:

Neil Zuckerman e-mailed from FT Carson, where he and Jeff Mills are waiting for updates. Sorry guys, I've been a little busy. Neil also wants to know how many classmates we have that are still in the Army. He thinks we still have 75% in, and thinks that number will drop to 50% after May 97. Let me know what you think/planning on doing? Jeff wrote separately and is the aide to the Deputy Chief of Staff at FT Carson. He's trying to put off AVOAC as long as possible.

Marc Suarez is working as an ROTC instructor at Purdue and wants to add an e-mail section to the page. Sounds good to me, so send in those e-mail addresses.

Christina Guthrie (Schweiss) wrote from SOAC at FT Gordon, she off to Germany to be the 191st Ordnance Bn SIGO. She says her first job will be to build and implement a LAN for the Bn, and she gets to pick out everything for it. Good luck Tina.

Bob Sierens wrote from Hawaii, where he is one of the few that are remaining until May 97. He is currently serving as the 2-5 IN S1 and has an upcoming JRTC rotation.

John Mullens reported that he finished up SOAC and is headed for a two year tour of Korea. Desi Wyatt reported that he volunteered for a 1 year stint in Korea before heading to the Combined Logistical Adv Course. Desi is flying CH-47s and is XO of the Chinook unit at Camp Humphrey's. Also at Humphrey's is Jeff Johnson, and wife Lisa Pais Johnson USMA '93, where Jeff is currently the S4 at 3-6 Cav.

Lance Broeking reported arriving at Fort Knox for the Armored Officer Advanced Course. Joining him there are Ryan Bates, with his wife Ginger and two children Nya and Tristen; Greg Beckman and his new wife (29 June) Nora, and various other characters to include, but not limited to, Chris Hsu, Matt Sousa, Pete Gabriel, Jim Gaylord, Tino Perez, Jim Gorman, Steve Walters and others. All are doing well. Steve, Lance and Ryan are all scheduled, unless the Army changes its mind, to spread their wealth of knowledge, or limited knowledge as the case may be, to ROTC cadets as a part of the Non-Branch Qualified ROTC Instructor Program. Steve and Lance are awaiting orders to their schools while Ryan already knows he is headed to Old Miss. (They all had to get our "real college" time in somehow)

Other news to share...Scott Howard is 1st CAV DIV Protocol Officer and is planning on getting out in Decemberish to pursue higher education (medical school) while Doug Ligor is getting out in November and will be tending bar in Massachusetts until he heads off to Law School. Old news that I'm not sure if anyone knows--Kwasi Hawks is getting ready to start year three at UCLA Law School as a part of the funded legal education program.

Also, Bethany and I are currently at MIOAC in beautiful Ft. Huachuca. Joining us in our class are Adrian Cordovi, Greg Haas, James Willcox, Joel Rayburn, and Sean Kettering . We're set to graduate MIOAC next Feb, when we'll head our separate ways (currently TBD). Some other grads in the MIOAC with us are Renee Underwood and Lorna Hutcheson from '93. Lorna, by the way, is married to Leif Hutcheson who just returned from a pleasant trip to Saudi Arabia with his Signal unit that's homebased at Ft. Huachuca.