Class of 1992 Happenings from the November/December 1999 Assembly:

With heavy hearts, our class remembers a fallen classmate and another's daughter. Jennifer (Shafer) Odom was killed in a aircraft accident while on duty in Colombia.  Funeral services were held on 7 August in Brunswick, MD.  Her gravesite is in Petersville, MD.  Bethany Lee is collecting anecdotes and photos for Jen's family. 

Garret and Stephanie Messner wrote with news of the death of their daughter, McKenna, on 6 Aug at WRAMC after complications with Trisomy 18.  McKenna was buried at West Point on 11 August and a memorial services was held in Clarksville, Tennessee, three days later.  Our sympathies and prayers follow the Shafers, Odoms, and Messners.

Mark and Jennie Amato are settled in Napier, Illinois.  Mark now works as a recruiter with EDP Contracting Services and Jennie is an attorney with the public defender's office in Kane County.  They both are students of karate, having earned their yellow belts together.  Mark works mostly with technical consultants with Fortune 500 companies throughout the Chicago area.  He is pleased that he often uses the Human Regional Geography/Systems Engineering foundation from West Point.  He also commanded 1-131 IN in Joliet in the ARNG for almost a year. Ed McManus, a salesman for Merck Pharmaceuticals, was the D/1-131 IN Commander with Mark.  Mark ran into Joe and Kelly English a few months ago.  Joe works for Anderson Consulting in Chicago.  Mark also reports that Marc Perez-Venero is in law school and the Reserves in the Seattle area.

Ed and Heidi Horne wrote to report a mini-'92 reunion at Steve Kneeland's parents farm in Lockport, New York last May.  Steve and Anne Kneeland are in Germany, where Steve commands a new UH-60 company.  Ed and Heidi are in Maryland where Ed is earning an MBA/MS at University of Maryland and Heidi works at NSA as an MI officer.  Becky and John Roper are settled in Plano, Texas where John is assigned to the Ruffles brand of Frito-Lay Company.  Silas and Erin Martinez are at Fort Knox where Silas is a brigade S-3 in an AC/RC unit.  Ed notes that, as cadets, he and John where the Army-forever types while Steve and Silas weren't and now the tides have turned.

Jeff Bray left the Army last year and have worked with Helmut Huber for GE Appliances.  Also at Appliance Park in Louisville is Paul Arrambide, a design engineer.  Jeff reports that the Eckhardts are in Seattle where Ezra is a quality engineer with Allied Signal and a master black belt.  He currently works on a process improvement project with Boeing. Randy Lee is in Oswego, New York working for Lockheed/Martin and earning a MBA through NYU. Jim Powell is in Baumholder commanding a battery in 4-29 FA Steph Small is finishing up a tour in Japan flying off carriers for the Navy.  He'll serve a land tour in San Diego next.