Class of 1992 Happenings from the November/December 1997 Assembly:

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Class of 1992 Happenings from the Web:

Bubba Lewis wrote from Korea with a quick update. He has 60 days (he should leave around Christmas) remaining in Korea and then flys back to Ft. Campbell, KY where he'll get married to a beautiful young civilian nurse in May 98 (Joy Blankenship). Currently, he's stationed a the Third ROK Army HQ's in Yongin, Korea and doesn't get the chance to see other American soldiers that often. There are a total of about 40 of them there, but developing friendships with the Korean Officers has truly been a wonderful experience for him aand one that he will never forget. He highly encourages a tour in Korea to anyone. He has seen Geoff Stoker and his family up in Yongsan (Eighth US Army) where he's commanding a Finance Company. Glenn Voltz and many others are around Korea somewhere too. The Founder's Day dinner in Korea went very well, and as Desi Wyatt mentioned earlier, it truly was a mini class reunion. He asks that if anyone knows where Bill Goss or Scott Hager is, please ask them to email Bubba.

Jon and Karen Tussing wrote from Fort Rucker, AL. Where they recently increased their family size by 50%. On 2 November 1997, Karen gave birth to Joseph Thurman Tussing (7lb, 2oz). Both are doing well. Jon is escatic. Jon and Karen just finished the Aviation Officer Advance Course. Jon heads to the Joint Firepower Control Course at Hurlburt Field, FL; then CAS3; with the follow on assignment to Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA beginnning in March. Karen starts the Maintenance Managers course in January. (In a few days I'll add the first picture to the site, as I find the file of little Joe on the other computer)

Trey "Juice" Gilmore wrote with a little update on our class. "Juice" is currently stationed at Camp Greaves, Korea (vic grid DMZ) as the BN FSO for 1-506 IN (AASLT). He leaves in June 98 to pick up his family (wife and 3 kids) and PCS to Ft Stewart. Korey "Sugarbear" Mitchell is also in Korea commanding Service Battery, 2-17 FA. He will be in command until Jun 98. John Paganinni took command 21 Nov 97 of C Company, 1-506 IN (AASLT) at Camp Greaves. Pete Carey, Commander of A Company, 1-503 IN (AASLT) at Camp Hovey graduated from Air Assault school then drove to the DMZ to see the change of command. "Juice" talked to Arlen Smith, he and his family (wife and 2 kids) just returned to Ft Campbell, KY after visiting Mark and Ingrid (Powell '91) Dawkins both got out last summer and work in Cincinnati, OH for Proctor and Gamble. Mr. Cal Thomas ETS'd from Korea in August and he now works in Milwaukee, WI for GE. He just got engaged (at an Ojays/Levert concert on stage) last September and will marry in July 98. Nick Smith got married last summer and just got out this November and moved from Ft Sill, OK to Chicago, IL. Rich Harris recently got out of the Army and is now in graduate school and UNC Chapel Hill and will get married in Aug 98. "Juice" also recently heard from Toya Davis who is in command down at Ft Hood as is Sid Lloyd who just recently got married. Also, Dewey Mosley is there at Hood and just got engaged.

Isaac Peay, wrote with what he calls an update of himself in a nutshell. Isaac is at Ft. Gordon, Ga in the Information Systems Engineering Officers Course and will complete it in mid December. He should arrive in sunny and most beautiful Korea in mid January '98. He's been at Ft. Gordon for about a year. He left Ft. Hood in Nov. '96 to attend SOAC, also at Gordon. He then left to go to CAS3 and went back to Gordon to attend the ISEOC in August. Before he left Ft. Hood, he and his fiancee (CPT Sonya Witherspoon) became parents of a baby girl (Shantell Deanna) on Oct. 9, 1996. Sonya and Shantell are currently hanging out at Gordon with him while Sonya awaits to exit the Army in December. He also said to tell everybody that he said, "Hello!"

Dewayne "Heavy D" Sharp (He says his Army nickname is "Spike", we like "Heavy D" better.) wrote with an update of Korea while he was home on mid-tour leave. After school, he went to the first class offered for IOBC in Benning and was one of the first to graduate in the class. He then went to Ranger School and recycled a total of 4 times (He thinks - anyway he did Mountian Phase 3 times and Desert Phase 3 times) and spent 192 continuous days as a Ranger Student. He was the first to enter Ranger School and saw almost the whole class pass him on the way through. The only guy that he knows who spent more time there was Scott Aita who probably spent 9 months in Ranger School. Dewayne says that his Tab is sewn on with industrial strength thread! He then went to Fort Campbell and got a rifle platoon for 15 months and company XO for 18. While there, he married Julianne Garland from Maine and had one daughter, Laura. After Campbell, he went to the Advanced Course in Benning and volunteered for Korea. His original intent was to do a staff job for a year then go to Fort Drum for command. When he got to the Land of the Morning Calm (Land of the Morning Kimchi Breath as one of his buddys calls it), he just loved it. Korea is a cool place. The soldiers are more disciplined than back in the states and there is a sense of mission in 2ID since we are so near the North Koreans. He went to the 2nd Brigade S-3 shop as the S-3 Air (since he was from Campbell) and Chris Kidd went to be the S-4 of the 1-503D Infantry at Camp Casey (in Tongduchon City). Dewayne stayed there for 3 months then volunteered to take an HHC of an Air Assault battalion stationed on the DMZ. After a grueling inventory process (He has property on 6 different posts, one rifle range, and on a bridge that he has to guard that comes near the DMZ). He took command on 12 May 1997. Most "True Infantrymen" shy away from HHC (it's not Hoo-ah) but he loves it. He has more stuff, more people, and more missions than any other American company commander on the DMZ. He knows more about radio vehicle installaion kits, Mobile Kitchen Trailers, NBC showers, surgical kits, Humvee engines, and generators than he ever wanted to know. He is also signed for M-14 rifles! All that West Point Drill Team knowledge actually came in handy. Not only can he twirl one, but he can shoot it as well. It's actually a very accurate rifle and the Scout Platoon Snipers carry them as an extra in case the sniper rifle goes down. He is stationed at Camp Greaves, Korea which is just across the Imjin River from Munsan City. The Joint Security Area is just down the road (about 3 miles) from us. His battalion is the 1-506th which fought with the 101st in World War II and Vietnam and fought at Hamburger Hill. From his barracks, he can see North Korea and hear the propaganda being blasted across the DMZ from speakers on both the North and South sides. From different areas on post, they can see the two giant flags that fly over the North and South Korean Propaganda Villages. They get hit with propaganda leaflets fairly often and get alerted just about every time there is an incident on the DMZ (which happens more often than you would probably think). The only classmates there are Trey Gilmore, the Fire Support Officer, and John Paganini who commands of C Company 1-506IN. Brett VanPoppel is currently working in the Division G-3 and will take command of B Company here at Greaves in early December. It's an exciting time to be stationed on the DMZ but does get boring sometimes (especially with no family). The JSA is just down the road near Panmunjom where all the talks between North and South are. It is a TDA battalion that has a reinforced Korean infantry company and an American HHC. Matt Moore is the S-4 there. Eric Larkin left the JSA and took command of C Company 1-503D at Camp Casey along with Pete Carey just a few months ago (everyone was nervous about what Pete would say at his change of command). Dean Thimjon left Division staff a few months ago and was probably headed for Hawaii. John Karagosian left here in October and headed to parts unknown. Trevor Bredenkamp took command of the Eigth Army Honor Guard Company in Yongsan Garrison in Seoul back in March. Chuck McCune was the Battalion XO for a Korean Service Corps Battalion (KSCs are civilians who work manual labor for the military and will revert to a military labor force in time of war) but either has left or will leave soon. Greg Haas left the Infantry to become Military Intelligence and is the S-2 at 1-503D with Chris Kidd, Pete Carey, and Eric Larkin. Steve Park is in the division G-3 staff as the Korean LNO (go figure!) and will leave for Hawaii in December. His wife is here with his son Joshua (he's cute). Dewayne ran into Bill Pitman and another classmate who played Army Football and June Cho at the Eigth Army Company Level Flag Football Championships in Yongsan, Korea. Dewayne's team came in third place over all other Army Teams on the Korean Peninsula - that's pretty Hoo-ah He has also run into Desi Wyatt, Bart Guiterrez (1st Brigade S-3 shop), and Rich Richkowski (Troop Commander in 4-7 Cavalry at Camp Garry Owen). As for "Heavy D", he plans on leaving command in June or July of 1998 and go to grad school and return to those grey walls to teach history. If that doesn't pan out, he may leave. On another note, Dewayne saw Jackson Steele about a few weeks before he died. He had travelled to Fort Gordon to promote his sister to 1LT. She is a nurse there at the Fort Gordon Hospital. Myron Williams and another classmate are both doctors there, and checked in on him quite a bit. Dewayne wanted everyone to know that Jackson had classmates with him to the end.