Class of 1992 Happenings from the November/December 1996 Assembly:

Tina (Schweiss) & Greg Guthrie wrote from SOAC at FT Gordon after finishing her time at FT Bragg with the 35th Signal BDE. She included the following updates on several classmates: Bill Beatty, now an ordnance officer, just finished running an ammo point in Haiti; Michelle Kurbiel was last seen as an S-2 with 4th PSYOPS in USASOC; Jen Boggs is with a trans unit in USASOC; Gail Sanders was in Haiti with the 16th MP BDE; and Tina talked briefly with Skip Gill, who is stationed at FT Lewis but was visiting family at FT Bragg. Tina worked with other Signal Guys: Kim Bowers, Erik Dowgos, Darrell Kain, Kim Kawamoto, Mark Mistal, and Bill Pittman. At the most recent FD dinner, Tina sat with Rob Sheets, and she mentioned that Everett Spain made all the local papers after performing well in the Best Ranger Competition. While in Haiti, Tina saw Paul Arambide, Mike Noel, and Michael Tunnel. Tina worked at Bowen Army Airfield in Port Au Prince. After her return to the states she saw Melissa (Emmons) McCarthy and Mary Barnes (now Dr. Barnes-congrats!). Tina has kept in touch with Roger Herndon's parents and made it clear how much they cherish any correspondence with Roger's classmates. Write them at 1515 Oxford Drive, Murray, KY 42071.

Scott Payne is flying CH-46E Sea Knights for the other Corps out of MCAS New River, adjacent to Camp LeJeune. He will return from a six month cruise in the Mediterranean in December. Scott also sent news of Tom McCann, who is cooling his heels as an officer recruiter in Albuquerque, NM after 3 years in the Infantry. Rumor has it that Giorgio Caldarone is on Marine Security Guard detail at the embassy in Sri Lanka. If Giorgio would write, we'd know the truth! Just before departing on his cruise, Scott attended Skip Gill's wedding at FT Lewis.

Jim Isenhower recently finished AOAC at FT Knox. With him were Ryan and Ginger Bates, Cornelius', Degeares, Brian Donovan, Easons, the Freys, the Gaylords, Guenters, Dave "Big Guns" Jones, Kelleys, Bobby Molinari, Scott and Sharon Taylor, Ramon Tancinco, Touards, and Van Fossens. The Bates are headed to Mississippi for ROTC duty. The DeGeares are at FT Sill teaching young artillerymen the truth about armor when they aren't cruising the lakes in their new boat. Brian Donovan is headed to FT Hood. The Touards were punished and sent to Monterey, CA for a couple of years at the DLI (or the beach!). Dave Jones is continually competing in local biathalons, preparing for the Ironman in Hawaii where he'll be stationed for the next few years. His tan is already established and so is the reputation with the women. There were also many more at FT Knox that he did not speak with, so please excuse the unintended ommissions.


Class of 1992 Happenings from the Web:

Thanks for all the e-mail, and I apologize in advance if I forget to put your info up.

Chip O'Donnell won the lottery and was rewarded with a free Caribbean vacation to Haiti. All after he announced he was getting out in May. He still lives in Texas with his beautiful wife Dannielle (who he married in Jul 95, not Sep). He's currently serving as the Deputy J-3 and says he never wanted to be in an S-shop anyway. He's also been working with the five services, some UN, and the American Embassy, he also says they have more General Officer visits than West Point! He returns to the US in Feb.

Chad Enders wrote and said he's been been pretty bad about sending any news to the Assembly or anywhere else for that matter, so it's time to begin. He finished FAOAC with his wife Karin and son Jonathan in SEP with many classmates - Kurt Filosa, Bruce Ryba, "Big Daddy" John Haubert, Bill Campbell, Matt Currie, KC Baran, Troy Barnes, Rob Edmonson, and many others. KC Baran and Chad went to FT Stewart. He also reports that Kurt Filosa is an ROTC instructor at MIT and Bruce Ryba is in Korea as a BN FSO for his BEAST Tac's infantry battalion. Small world.

Marc Suarez reported in with some other news, Brad Hawkins and his wife Jennifer (Cahill) Hawkins are both out of the Army. They have a 1 year old boy named Michael Bradley. They are living in Boston, where Brad is in his second year of Medical school. Rod Hammond just finished IOAC and is settling in at Ft. Campbell. John Damm is back from Korea and is enroute to the SOAC at Gordon. Joe Berger is somewhere in law school.

Eric Betts e-mailed from his tent in Bosnia were he gave a little update. He had a great tour in Italy, worked G2, ACE stuff, Brigade S2 stuff, and S2/BICC for the 3-325 ABCT (with such names as Scotty Sherman, John Burpo, Brian Donovan, and Troy Barnes). Good assignment and he caught the hooah bug, then (foolishly) decided to go to Germany and try out a SIGINT platoon (in the then Third ID). Lots of fun, but after six months, got deployed to Bosnia, Hungary, and Croatia. Redeployed in August to find out he was re-redeploying back as part of the (now First ID) Covering Force. He's now enjoying his SECOND Yugoslavian winter. Kevin Bates is there too, working in a G2 position. He (Eric) volunteered for SF and will head to FT Benning after he gets out of Bosnia. Additionally, he's engaged to a reporter he met in Croatia.

Jenn (Murtagh) Hagwood wrote from FT Hood, were she and her husband Scott are settling down after completing MIOAC. She's working as the S1 for the Corps ACE Bn, while Scott is working in the 1 Cav ACE. They report that FT Hood is not as bad as everybody makes it out to be.

Richard Colucciello wrote and said the class page looks really good. He also said that he might head to the Army/Navy game if it doesn't rain or snow. He also been in touch with James "Rooms" Jennings and Dean Thimjon, both are in Korea. He (Cooch)is also still getting married on July 4th.

Jennifer (Osgood) Smestad reports having married Richard Smestad of North Dakota in August, hence the name change. Debbie Vann and Jodi (Weise) Narel were her terrific bridesmaids. The Smestads were married in her hometown of Chappaqua, NY in the garden of a Country Inn. Rick is a CPT in the Medical Service Corps and is stationed at Ft Sam Houston. She is a second year law student at U Texas. They are enjoying married life and are spending time hunting down good antiques and attending various festivals. They plan to move to Minnesota after she graduates and Rick departs the military, buy a farm and life happily ever after!

Bill Pittman wrote to say that he was alive and well at Quantico, VA.

Blaine Roth wrote with an update on some of our class that went into that other service. Jake Garcia is stationed at Whidbey Island, WA with his wife Avery. They have two children. Jake is an NFO in an EA6B Prowler Squadron. He just returned from his first tour in Japan. Jake ran into Stephen Small while he was in Japan. Steph is also in the Navy and is currently flying S-3's, and might be in San Diego.

Paul Maxwell wrote to anounce to the class that Chris Hsu is now married. On 27 December, he married Julie von Inten in a nice ceremony in Baton Rouge. Attending the wedding were Paul, Ezra Eckhardt, Matt Sousa, and John Roper. It was a great time overall. Now Chris and his wife will be heading off to FT Lewis for their next assignment. Matt and Paul will be staying at FT Knox until February while they attend Cavalry Leaders Course. Also attending the course is Rich Richkowski, who is off to Korea next. That's it for now. Please spread the word about Chris stepping into the grave. Yeah, but was the Independence Bowl part of the honeymoon?

Sorry, Guy Bereterri, but the rights of the first classmate's promotion to CPT goes to Stuart Hatfield, who was promoted on Feb. 18th, 1996 after assuming company command of Bravo, 2-68 Armor in January. Stu is now serving as the Armor exchange student in the Marine Amphibious Warfare School in Quantico, Virginia. He and his wife, Wendy also celebrated the birth of their daughter, Emily Claire on Halloween, 1996.

Christina Schuman wrote for Bruce who did an inter-service transfer to the Air Force in early June. At that time, they PCSed to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV, where Bruce is assigned to the 66 RSQ (Search and Rescue). Bruce hasn't been home much, doing various TDY's for survival training, dunker training, etc., etc. He has been TDY at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico transitioning into the HH-60 Pave Hawk since early August, and should be home in early February. If anyone feels like doing a little gambling or going to some really cool shows there in Vegas, they'd love to have them. They're in the book, or you can e-mail them.

Helen Sobchak wrote for Frank who is at Ranger School with Bob Molinari and Joel Stephenson, they were all coming directly from AOAC.

Frank Pometti writes with the following updates: Larry Whitley is now in Korea. He is the Chemical Officer in an Infantry Bn. Bruce Ryba is also in Korea and doing well. He is now a proud father of a two-year old boy Michael. This month, Bruce is to take command of a battery at Camp Hovey. He plans on getting his masters degree and teahcing back at the Academy. His wife, Jennifer, is doing great holding down the fort in NY while he is away. James Willcox is leaving MIOAC soon. He spent his initial tour entirely in Panama. His wife, Andrea, is doing well. James is heading to Ft Hood. He is the proud father of two. Probably the cutest girl I (Frank) have ever met, France Blake Willcox or Frankie - my goddaughter :-)" and the recent arrival, Madison. Keith McClung, who was in Frank's unit, is now married and in Korea. In case you didn't know, he was married last Fall around August 31st to Irish. The same girl he met while at West Point. Frank is still serving in the 513th MI Bde at Ft Gordon. He is now the ACE Operations Officer, where he provides Echelon Above Corps intelligence support. In the past year or so, he has done two 4 month tours in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. He actually lived both times at Khobar Towers (site of the recent bombing). Most recently, he left Saudi about two weeks before the bomb went off. Lucky me, he states. He's ending his Army career this summer. After his five year commitment, he's calling it quits, and he's currently in the Business School application process so wish him luck. The Brave and the Few!

Mark Derber writes with the following: Liz and Greg Jacobsen recently had a baby girl, Alexandra Elise, on 30 Dec, just in time for the tax break. Greg's off to FT Carson (3ACR). Mark Derber and his wife Sharon are expecting their first child in July. He's off to FT Polk (2ACR). and, Bob Molinari, Frank Sobchak, and Joel Stephenson are in a patrol base somewhere in ranger school. They graduate 6 Mar.

David Shelstad USMA '90, writes that he's trying to get in touch with Vic Ames and Tom Heinhold. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please let him know.

Tom Feuerborn wrote: I finally got up to speed and have WWW knowledge! Just wanted to let you know my whereabouts. I just started AVOAC and will be getting an OH-58D to Germany. My wife, Jami (Stanley) and 2-year old daughter, Sarah, are doing great. I was at HAAF (Ft Stewart) for the last 3 years. I linked up with Leno (Jason Hayes),Scott Rowe USMA 93, Todd Bookless USMA 94?, Duane Lauchengco USMA 94? (all at Ft Stewart), and Andy McIntyre USMA 94?(Flight school) to play in a few polo tournaments in Atlanta. We kicked ass until we got tired (2nd qtr) then we just kicked!

Chris Ewing writes: My wife ,Sherri, and I had a son, Cameron, in May '96, four days after completion of the Advanced Course. My choices at that time were to stay here or report to Korea leaving Sherri and two week old Cameron here. That was not a tough decision. I am currently the S1 of 1-145th AVN. As you might expect, the last year has been one long reunion. Many days I have a hard time getting anything done when a new class is signing in. John Lyons and Kevin W. are stationed here working out at the flt line as IPs. Tom Jacobs is currently in a 64 transition. Sonny Vo is about to start his 64 transition. Craig Alia is in a 60 transition. Chuck Gibbs, Mike Weatherwax, Jen and Phil Ryan and several other classmates recently signed in. Heath Neimi and Derrick Mcgill will arrive in March. Commands are plentiful here and I expect to take one in August. Life is good here at Rucker 60 miles from the gulf and 3 hours from Atlanta. Corbin Backman, Ben Danielson and Duke Mosley are currently at Fort Benning. Corb will have a SF assessment in Mar or Apr. Mike Emons, my best man, is currently working in NY and CT as a Pfizer rep.

James Bents enclosed this: I still live in the same cabin out here on Spanaway lake. My roommates are Chris Mendez and Paul Landt (both '92). I am with 1st SF Group, and Chris and Paul are both with the 14th MI BN, in the 3 shop (and looking foward to their departures!). Chris and I both get out on 1 APR 97; Paul's date is about 1 JUL. Chris is considering a number of job opportunities--most likely he will return home to CA. I am considering several companies too. I have also been selected for a job with a Fed. agency, and am struggling with the decision between it and industry!! At any rate, everything is all good out here. All this rain is inspiring quite a bit of melancholia but we're hangin' in there. I hope all is well where you's nice to know the "system" hasn't tarnished everyone's dreams!!

Mike Weatherwax writes with the following: Mary Barnes and I got married back in December 1992. She went to medical school, Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, Md, and I went to flight school. After flight school (UH-60 MTP), I went to Fort Bragg for three years. Mary graduated valedictorian and got picked up for her internship and residency in General Surgery in Fort Sam Houston, Tx. She has been out there since June 1996. I left Bragg in Dec 96 and am currently at Fort Rucker at AOBC. It is a class reunion here, also. I have kept in touch with Jon Tussing and his wife, Karen. All is well, except that they are in Bosnia.