Class of 1992 Happenings from the November/December 2001 Assembly:

            This column includes all info received between 30 Jun 01 and 30 Aug 01 for the Nov/Dec 01 issue.  The next deadline for submission is 30 Dec 01 for the Mar/Apr 02 issue.
            My apologies to Pete Carey and anyone who read the previous column that suggested Pete was married.  There is no conspiracy at work here – Pete was not planning on getting married, has not been married, and is not married now.  The fault for this yellow journalism is mine alone.  The California ladies can breath a sigh of relief as they might still have a chance.  Pete just moved to LA this summer and will start the MBA program at USC this fall (honestly). 
            Matt & Ingrid (Winslow) Lynch are settled in Ft Worth, TX.  Ingrid was working with the ROTC program at TCU before entering the civilian sector in August.  Ryan (6) and Maggie (3) are looking forward to seeing more of their mom, but they may have to fight for her attention as Ingrid pursues an MBA at TCU.
            I spoke briefly with Bill O’Neill, who has stayed busy overseeing an effort by a group of grads to purchase USMA class rings found on the market and return them to their owners, appropriate family members, or to AOG’s ring memorial program.  The group has successfully recovered and returned 23 of the 31 rings they have come across.  If anyone loses a ring, please visit the AOG missing ring web page and contact Bill at  On behalf of the class and other grads, many thanks to Bill for his efforts to keep class rings in the right place.
            Ron Minty moved from NTC to PERSCOM, where he works with Sean Bernabe at the BQ CPT desk for Infantry branch.  Ron said he walks to work, a better deal than his previous 55 mile trip from Barstow to Ft Irwin.  As well, the DC area has a little more charm than the Mojave. 
            Trevor Bredenkamp sent a note from Ft Polk where he has been working as a JRTC O/C for two years.  With another year to go at Polk, he is enjoying his job and reports that he’s learning a lot about the Army.
            Jack & Elizabeth Williams wrote from Edinburgh, TX to announce the birth of their fifth, Ruth Elizabeth, born 13 July.  Mom and her newest daughter are healthy and doing well.  Joshua, Sarah, Hannah, and Abigail are delighted at the arrival of their newest sibling.  The Williams clan just finished a move from Edinburgh to Belton, TX.  Congrats to all and good luck in Belton!
            Congrats to Scot & Danielle Davis on the birth of their first, Madison Sierra, on 21 Jun in LA.  Both parents are happy and report getting more sleep than expected.  Scot said the first week was like Ranger sch, but now it’s just like Corps staff!  And Congrats to the U.S. Army too, who just received back onto active duty CAPTAIN Scot Davis.  After completing the MBA program at USC, Scot proudly applied to the Officer Recall Program.  After a short stint at CAS3, he and his family will move to Schofield Barracks where Scot will serve time awaiting command.  When asked by the USC business school what he would be doing, Scot reported that he “accepted an outside offer with a global firm,” and would “soon depart for a six-week executive development course in KS (CAS3) before relocating to Honolulu for a junior VP position in human resources (S1), supply chain management (S4) or operations (S3).” He also noted that, “within six to eight months I will assume a position as CEO of a 131-person company with global operations.”  Welcome back and good luck in the 25th ID. 
            If anyone has seen Sean & Tricia Morgan’s TV, freezer, or lawn mower please let them know ASAP.  After a horrendous move including a warehouse break-in resulting in the loss of some valuable household goods, they have finally settled into housing at USMA where Sean will instruct in the Sosh dept.  Sean reports that USMA is like a mini-class reunion.  He has seen Matt Sousa, Beth Tolle, Shaw & Gail (Sanders) Yoshitani, and John Strange.
            Your class officers have been coordinating for next year’s reunion and will publish dates, times, events, and places as soon as that information is acknowledged by AOG and reserved on competing calendars.  Check this column and the class web page for updates.
              Beat Navy!  God bless The Brave and The Few!