Class of 1992 Happenings from the Web:

Rich Colucciello reported that Ted Sokolowski and his wife Gina had a baby boy on January 17th. USMA '92 welcomes Collin Grant Sokolowski!

Chris Prentice sends his greetings from the United States Army Soldier Support Institute and provides an update. Chris is currently the Class Advisor for AGOBC. Pretty ironic for a guy whose primary mission during OBC was to party. In this role he's see a lot of '92 going through AGOAC. Joe Lazzari was married to his wife Katy in October 1996. Joe is commanding the Reception company at FT Jackson. Sid Loyd is commanding a Personnel Detachment at FT Hood. He's also seen Will McKoskey, Greg Law, and Allana Balcam to name a few. Jason Jenkins is in Memphis, TN working for a railroad company. His wife Dene is the proud mother of a boy and girl. Bill Artigliere was headed to Lakeland, FL to work with his father ('69 grad and attorney) after he left Bamburg, Germany. Scott Harmond commands an EOD unit at FT Jackson. Glen Hamill is in Korea leading a Aviation Maintenance unit. He's run into Will De Los Santos. Chris calls reading the news on '92 like reading the Book of Exodus. He knows that in the AG they have lost 11 of the 18 '92ers. He also thinks we will lose more once the "5 year freedom" mark hits.

Kevin Walker writes from beautiful Suwon AB in the Republic of Korea. Kevin graduated from the ADAOAC last October. There were several classmates with him there as well (Bill Ruddock, Kevin Klopcic, Jackie Patten, Jim Pappenberg, Rod Smith, Wes Paddilla, Brad Swim, and Kim McGavern) to name just a few. Jim, Bill, and Kim all went to to Korea with him. As for the rest of them, they mostly stayed at FT Bliss. He believes Kevin Klopcic went to Bragg. Kevin was married on 18 June 92 to the woman I dated beginning our Cow year (Angela Cameron) and they have two wonderful children; Adrianna, 4 1/2 and Kevin AnDre II, 2. He spent the previous three years as a BSFV PLT LDR/XO in 2-5 (now 1-44 ADA) at FT HOOD, TX. If all goes well, I might be headed back that way again next January. Any and all mail is appreciated, as it gets very boring in Korea.

Hank Thomsen writes from Fort Bragg where he has been working in the 307th En Bn, 82nd ABN DIV as the ADE LNO in the G3 section since January 1997. On 4 April 97, the 307th EN BN Dedicated the A/307th day room to the memory of CPT Jackson Steele. The dayroom is now named the Steele Room. Jackson had quite an effect on those of us that knew him in the class of '92 and will be missed tremendously. It was obvious that he had the same effect on all of the soldiers and leaders in the 307th EN BN by the effort put forth to dedicate this room and the heartfelt remarks by some of his former soldiers. Also, his wife Bonnie, mother, and other family were present at the ceremony, hosted by his former company commander, Bruce Estok. Hank's wife, Barbara, recently gave birth to their first baby -- Anna Michelle. He hasn't been at Bragg long enough to know all of our classmates that work there, but he does know one - Michael Tunnel. He's agonizing in G3 Plans until he cna get to a Bn.

Chris Coglianese sends another update from FT Campbell, KY. Pete Manza has joined 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) as the Brigade S3 Training. Alex Adelman flys CH-47s for B/7-101 Aviation. Christian Walters is an Apache pilot in 3-101 Aviation. While at a recent JRTC training event, Chris heard that Don VanFosson commands a cavalry troop in Germany from some guys in the 3rd ACR. They say its A/1-1 Cav.

Andy Blake, about nine people above Guy Berrateri (The GOAT) if your keeping score. He's spent the last four 1/2 years in Ft. Stewart. And has decided to retire from active duty. Andy didn't go alone, Amy (Bratten) Tribus and Aaron Yount also got out.

Kang Lee writes from Korea, and apologizes for not sending any information for 5 years. Kang got out in February 1995, and is currently working as a corporate financier at a major Korean Bank. He happily got married to a beautiful woman by the name of Anna Hong in October 1996. He is in the process of applying to business schools to pursue a career in finance. He would gladly like to receive e-mail from others.

Donald Vollmar wrote with an update from FT Hood. Don and his wife Annie moved to FT Hood in November 1996. He deployed to Bosnia in Dec 96 with the 62d Engineer Battalion (construction) and got back this April. Chris Dailey is in his battalion. He talked with Sean Code in Bosnia, a fellow Battle Captain. He was still flying. Other than that, the Battle Captains didn't get out much in Bosnia. Operations were busy and travel was limited. Since he's been back he's visited with Ingrid Lynch (Winslow). She, Matt and her son are doing very well here in Texas. While at Ingrid's party, he spoke with Chris Limerick. Again, he is doing well. He ran into Scott Hager as he was buying a suit for his new sales job with KLS medical supplies. He will be selling special hardware that helps reconstruct broken bones, specifically, facial bones. Jim Geiser is or was here at Ft. Hood in Nov. 96. He was flying fixed wing aircraft and enjoying every minute of it. Don also has a son, Adam, who will be one year old on 5 July 97.

Jennifer Ryba writes to inform us that Bruce Ryba is presently serving in Korea with the 2/17th FA as Commander of HHB. His wife, Jennifer, son Michael and of course his Rottie, Rocco are in New York for the duration. Bruce would love to hear from his classmates!!

Dan Park writes from San Antonio, where after buying a computer he as gotten around to "surfing the net". Dan spent 15 months in Korea, and was sent to San Antonio, where he is a Project Officer with the Corps of Engineers at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. He is the only military person in his office. He will be attending Harvard Business School this fall (if his resignation paperwork goes through). Others in San Antonio include: Terry Alger (and wife Kari) works at Lackland AFB doing the same thing that Dan does. Terry is also getting out and will attend UT-Austin on a full scholarship to get his MS in Engineering. Dr Mary Barnes continues to complete residency training at Brooks Army Medical Center (which Dan built for her by the way) and lives in the same complex as Dan. She works some pretty brutal hours and never has time to go out for some brews. Jen Bradac is a company commander for the garrison MP company at Ft Sam (which comes in handy since Dan has been pulled over a few times by her MPs) . Dan ran into Kathy Shipe (Andy Shipe's sister) who is a nurse at BAMC, and she said Andy is currently at Ft Bragg. After completing the first phase of SF training he decided to get out and is now working for Campbell's Soup. He will travel to Australia for a training session.

Dana Christian writes from the Great White North, where she is currently teaching ROTC at Central Michigan. She asked for Korea and got Michigan! She had a great time in the 82d Airborne even though you couldn't throw a stone without hitting a grad there. She went to CLOAC for the latter part of last year with Terry (Welsh) Drushall, she got married on Thanksgiving. Gail Colbert was a class ahead of Dana at CLOAC and heard she got married to Scott Seymour '91 shortly after she left. Debbie (Shahid) James, finished her tour with her husband Mike James in Alaska and they now have a young son to add to the family. She think they are at Bragg now but she's not sure. Scott Jerald is married now (to Cristi) and commands the ranger training company for the mountain phase of Ranger school. June Cho was last heard from in Korea but she should be getting back, and getting out, sometime soon.

David Crossley writes from deep inside his Frito-Lay Rold Gold pretzel plant where he is one of the managers. David recently got out and tried to find a new career, which he calls fun. He almost got in at the CIA. They brought him to DC where he took the polygraph, psychological exam, and medical screen. He passed all of those tests so he went to Langley to meet with some men who work with foreign weapons intelligence. The interview went well, but his 'geography' degree wasn't exactly what they were looking for. Circuit City was interested so they flew him to Boston to interview for a position in their service center. He eventually turned them down. While in Boston he got together with Cem Hacioglu, our Turkish classmate. Cem ended up hating the Turkish Army and got out and came back to the US. He had been working for World Bank and now is going to MIT. He's talked to Michele Jensen a few times on the Internet. She is doing good. She got out and now works for IBM in Colorado. At Ft. Knox David was working with Jim Guenter. Jim also got out and is working for Andersen Consulting in Minneapolis.

Patrick Williams writes from Boston. His first statement was that for the last three years he's be on the Information Goat Trail and didn't know about the existence of the class page. He sends a quick update ... It seems that the five year flood gates are opening, and he's with the crowd on the way out. The Army truly has been "a great place to start" and "more than a job-an adventure," but its time to move on. He's headed to Boston for two years of Business School at Harvard. At the admitted students reception in April, he ran into John Miller who will also be a member of HBS '99. Scott Harmon was also accepted, but he has to decide between Harvard and MIT - tough break!?! Either way he'll be in Boston in the Fall too. Dave Tamburri '93 is also HBS '99, and Patrick suspects we may have a few others sneak in in the last round of admissions. They are all completely excited about Harvard and glad to see some familiar faces on the crowd as they prepare to go through 2 years of what they make out to sound like Plebe Year all over again. Patrick also reports that Army will defeat Boston College in football on Nov. 22nd in Chestnut Hill, MA. He's already sent out a call to all USMA Alumni at HBS to turn the game into a bit of a party with a tailgate (or alternate indoor event). Anyone who might be in the area on game day is welcome, but they may want to get tickets early. If anyone is interested, E-mail Patrick.