Class of 1992 Happenings from the March/April 1998 Assembly:

Congratulations to Omar and Tracey Jones on the birth of Benjamin Lanier on 16 DEC 97 at FT Hood.  Ben's older brother Sam (1 1/2) is quite happy to have a playmate.  OJ is a brigade S-4 in the 1st CAV DIV and will take command in the spring.

Kevin Walker is an A/S-3 for 1-43 ADA in Korea.   During his tour, he has seen Jim Papenberg (commanding C-1/43 ADA), Joo-Eun Cho (commanding HHB/1-43 ADA), Kim McGavern, and "Wild Bill" Pittman. Kevin, Kim and Joo-Eun will have already returned to the states.  Kevin is headed back to FT Hood with his wife Angela and children Adrianna (5) and Kevin II (3).  Before Kevin departed Korea he also saw Korey Mitchell, Trey Gilmore, Cal Thomas (who has left for the civilian ranks), and Steve Ladd, who also is headed for FT Hood.

Percy and Stacey Dunagin are in Hulburt Field, FL where Percy is flying PAVELOWs for the USAF.  Stacey is in the reserves commanding a maintenance company at FT Rucker.  Their sun Ryan is 2 years old.  While flying for the AF, Percy heard from Bruce Schuman, who flies the MH-60 for the AF at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. Bobby Lewallen is in Korea after completing AVOAC at FT Rucker. Kelly Barnes is at FT Bragg at a battlefield coordination detachment.  Kelly reports that Stacy Anselmi is married and in the civilian sector, but more information will follow.

Ron and Isabelle Minty have consolidated the household in Korea.  Ron took command of D/2-9 IN last December and Isabelle moved over from Colorado just before the ceremony.

Jim and Dawn Gaylord are enjoying the great northwest at FT Lewis.  Jim has just completed a stint at the battle simulations center and is heading for a battalion now at await command.  Dawn is staying busy baby-sitting and is involved with the Army Family Team Building program at FT Lewis.

Vance and Stacy McMurry report that all is well on their homefront.  Sam and Elizabeth Graham "Libby" (born on 30 Aug 97) are growing by the minute!  Vance is still S-1 for S-44 ADA at FT Campbell and looking forward to passing the adjutant reigns to the next man!

Anyone interested in '92 souvenirs from the 5-year reunion can contact Jim Isenhower for information.   Thanks again to Shannon Rigby, Mark Coomes and Pete Young for planning and executing the events last October!  God bless THE BRAVE AND THE FEW!

Class of 1992 Happenings from the Web:

Emily (Burgess) Felvus wrote to allow members of the class to catch up on her life. She thought she’d catch them up with her life, and maybe they’ll write!! Her old roommates Kim and Amanda!! CL ‘91 friends she can’t find!!   She got married in Germany to Jay Felvus who is a construction supervisor in the EN Corps. They had a (beautiful, healthy, smart, strong, perfect- can you tell she’s the joy of her life?) daughter in Oct 95, now two+ years old, shortly before she got the opportunity to deploy with the 1st AD to Bosnia and Croatia for a while (April-Sept ‘96). After four years overseas, she’s now at Ft Carson, getting ready to go to CLOAC in May. They’re itching to get back overseas as soon as possible, although Carson’s a nice place to visit for a year or two.

Ken Wickiser wrote from Puerto Rico where he is teachin ROTC. He’s heard from Jimmy Geiser, who is now at the De Havilland "Dash 7" aircraft training course enroute back to the ROK (for a 3rd time - CTLT, Short tour helicopters, 3 month TDY fixed wing while stationed at Hood, and now again) to fly fixed wing and hopefully to command. He just got married to a great gal, Karen, - a high school friend from WA. Kevin Bates is now working the Collection Manager Job at XVIII ABN headquarters. Rich Richkowski will be returning from his command in the ROK and going to OSU enroute to the Systems dept at WP. Pat Marcoux is finishing his recruiting command in the Cinncinati area and looking to get out. Scott Hulett, who got out at least four years ago, is working a great job developing a fuel cell car in NY. Greg Sarakatsannis is flying F16s in Utah. And Ken, as quickly as possible, went to flight school, got married to my best friend Doris, went to fixed-wing school, hid out at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA for 3.5 years, and is now hiding out in Puerto Rico teaching ROTC. They are under a water rationing cycle right now, but if anyone needs a free place to stay on the Western side of the island, drop him a line. (He’s pretty sure that I just destroyed every single lesson that he learned from the English department in that last sentence - yeah, beat ‘em.) If anyone has the whereabouts of Joe Juelfs - he left during our Yearling year for Harvard then law school - Ken would appreciate it. Also Dave Mackey and Gordon Savage if anyone knows.