Class of 1992 Happenings from the March/April 2000 Assembly:

Mark and Maria Coomes enjoy the warmth of Phoenix where Mark continues to advance in the Pepsi hierarchy.  Olivia is growing up quickly and talking up a storm.

Vance and Stacy McMurry are on their way to Washington, DC after command at FT Campbell,  Vance will work in the White House.  Sam and Libby are excited about the move.  Libby is an adorable handful, and Sam is quickly learning the duties and fun associated with being the big brother.

Sean and Tricia Morgan are at Harvard where Sean studies for a MBA on his way back to the Sosh department to teach.  Rachel is rapidly approaching three and is in charge of the household.  Trish is busy teaching aerobics and recently ran a 5K race where she beat almost everybody. Look for her in the next Olympics!

Aaron and Rebecca Pitney welcomed Benjamin David, born on 13 Nov 99.  He looks a lot like his dad. Becca also has plenty of help from Abby and Marry Ellen who are very excited about playing with the new baby brother.  Back at WRAMC, the Pitneys are pleased to be closer to family.

Ryan and Ginger Bates are finished with ROTC duty in the Mississippi and have moved to FT Carson where Ryan commands in the 3rd ACR.  Pulled of the Bosnia list just in time.  Ryan will take his troops to NTC next fall.  Nya is now in first grade.  Tristen attends nursery school three days a week and gives mom a much needed break.  All are happy with the new setting and enjoying the view of Pike's Peak out their front window.

Jay and Christin DeGeare are on their way to Miramar, FL where Jay accepted a position as sales training manager for Cordis, Johnson, and Johnson.  Jakob (3) and Taylor (1) are excited about the pool in their new back yard.  Jakob is a prolific WWF wrestler, practicing moves on his little brother with great success.

Niave (Vernon) Knell went to Wyoming last summer to climb the Grand Teton. By chance, there were two other grads (Jen Koch '91 and CJ Juhasz '91) on the same trip.  They all climbed the 13,770-foot peak successfulluy and took the Army banner to the top.  Niave included news of Terry (Welsch) Drushal's new son, jack, born at FT Lewis.  Naive's brother-in-law Frank Sobchak is an SF team leader with 5th GRP at FT Campbell. His son, Joshua, turned one last September.

Congrats to Omar and Tracey Jones who are headed to Harvard next summer with Sam (3) and Ben (2).  Omar was selected for the Harvard DCSOPS fellowship and will work in DC for a couple of years after the Boston stint.  He's already planning a return to the Boston Marathon.

Sherrill and Jim Isenhower enjoyed the birth of their second, Nicholas, on 17 Dec 99.  All are well and chaos reigns supreme.  Enjoy the spring and keep the news inbound.  Good bless THE BRAVE AND THE FEW.