Class of 1992 Happenings from the July/August 1997 Assembly:

Jim Isenhower received an e-mail message from Carl Linnington, who is enjoying the Aviation Advance Course at FT Rucker. He's flying Blackhawks and awaiting the next assignment.

Dave "Big Guns" Jones is at last settled in Hawaii and loving every minute of it. He's the S-1 for 3-4 CAV and plans on taking command in a year. He's training hard for the Ironman Triathlon and working even harder on the tan.

Rod Fischer has ETSed from FT Carson. He'll be working for Intel in Portland, OR, as a product engineer for the Pentium processors. He says that Dan Core has been working for Intel for 3 years already and really enjoys his job.

Ron Minty is over in Korea, having left Isabelle in Colorado with parents. Ron is the S-1 for 2/9 INF and he plans on extending for command. Isabelle works as a bookkepper for a property managment company, keeping busy to help pass the time. During her breaks, she spends time snowmobiling through the Colorado countryside. The two should link up in July for a mid-tour respite. Hope the tour goes quickly for both so the separation isn't so painful.

Phil and Jen Ryan have flown to Korea for a not-so-joint tour. Both are south of the DMZ, but they won't be in the same Camp. Phil recently completed the AH-64 transition and is now working to perfect the "Maverick" attitude. Both are talking of extending for command and returning to the States soon thereafter to retrieve Cleo, the psycho-cat from family.

Percy and Stacey Dunagin are enjoying Florida after Percy's transition into the USAF flying MH-53J Pavelows. The two have been separated for more than a year while Percy finished the required flight school. Stacey stayed at FT Campbell and had their first son, Ryan Edward. Stacey is now a Co Cdr in the reserves for a Maintenance Company at FT Rucker. Congrats on the child and enjoy the work at 20th Special Operations Squadron.

Craig Olson wrote with news of serveral MI boys. All of them met in San Diego for a brief get-together. Chris Mendez took a job from Pfizer in Seattle and Steve Vestal is enrolled at the UW engineering school. Paul Landt is stuck in some S-3 shop in some anonymous MI unit, and Mark Parcells has a "cushy" procurement job in Kansas City. Craig joins Jeremy Klages as they start an MBA program this fall at Arizona State. James Bents just started the FBI Academy and Billy Miranda just took command at FT Huachuca. Evidently Andy Pasterchick is sporting a goatee and dreadlocks and is working in Niger . . . yeah, Niger.

Jim Isenhower enjoyed FD at FT Hood with the Cavolis, Brian Donovan, Gills, Hawkins, Joneses, Kellys, Lloyds, Morgans, Scott Smith, and Trey Tankersley. After watching the underclasses, it was only then that Jim realized the havoc Simple Pleasures Chocolate Ice Cream has played on our youth. The first to get back to WP as the Comm must put a stop to it.


Class of 1992 Happenings from the Web:

Jeff Agee is in Richmond, VA and is officially Mr. Agee. After spending over a year in The Old Guard, hobnobbing with Clinton's boys, and meeting his future wife (yes, a Colonel's daughter) Heather, he is working as a civil engineer for a firm in Richmond and enjoying civilian life very much. His wedding will be December 20 of this year at Ft. Belvoir, VA. If anybody has the current address of Tray Tankersley, please let Jeff know, so he can invite him to the wedding.

Gregory Guthrie, husband of Tina (Schweiss) wrote from Germany. Tina is getting ready to take command in Landstuhl, Germany on 3 February 1998. She completed the Signal Advanced Course in November 1996, and has been the SIGO for the 191St Ordnance BN in Miseau Germany. While Tina was in Croatia in July, the Guthries lost a baby girl. Gregory is presently a GS-13 with HQ, USAREUR in Campbell Barracks, Heidelberg working for 2nd Signal Bde.

Chris Coglianese wrote that he has in his possesion an unknown classmates class ring. It is a man's ring, 10K gold, with no stone, save a small diamond, and the scripted initials of "KG". It was lost at Fort Jackson about 2-3 years ago on a softball field. One of Chris' squad leaders, who was a drill at the time, found it. If the owner wants it, Chris will gladly send it to him at his expense. He also thinks it would be appropriate for the owner to provide a small reward for my squad leader, SSG Aleo. (A large pizza from Boodlers perhaps.)

Matt Tolle, wrote with a quick update, and I say quick, since he says surfing the Internet from Germany is expensive. Matt is stationed in Wurzburg, Germany. He is working in the First Infantry Division G3 Section as the USR Officer .... and begs for somebody to kill him, please! He's trying to be patient about waiting for a command over there. The only other classmates he's seen are Sean Bernabe and Saleem Malik, who work in 2nd Brigade in Schweinfurt. They are also staff chogie-boys like Matt. Ron Hildner also works on 1ID staff in the ADADO. To sum it up, Germany's beautiful, but the weather sucks.
Beth (Williams) is in Fort Leonard Wood finishing the EOAC. She's also doing the Masters Program at UMRolla, and will command a basic training support company sometime next year. Their son Jacob is just over two years old now and doing great. Both Matt and Beth are trying to figure out ways to re-synch their PCS's again.