Class of 1992 Happenings from the January/February 1998 Assembly:

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Class of 1992 Happenings from the Web:

John Newman wrote from the Finance Officer Advance Course: He just got back from Germany where he used to fly UH-60 Blackhawks in Ansbach for 2-1 Avn. After two injuries he decided he needed a change of pace and is now now a finance officer on his way to an incredible hardship tour at the Presidio of Monterey in California.  He will be the Director of the Defense Military Pay Office - allot of words, but he thinks that means he can work on his masters now! If anyone is heading out to the DLI please look him up as he will be in the payoffice next to the wharf in Monterey!

Jon, Karen and little Joe Tussing wrote and sent a PowerPoint slide of little Joe and his thoughts on Christmas. 

liljoe.jpg (4802 bytes) Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!

Thought I should write you a note to say "Happy Holidays" as I sip on some egg nog. My folks and I are spending the holidays here in Alabama at Fort Rucker. We’ve got a really neat Christmas tree with a lot of lights and ornaments-- I can’t wait til next year when I’ll be big enough to start pulling them off. Mom keeps singing me songs about a "White Christmas." I’m not sure what she’s talking about. Maybe she means "Hot Christmas" as it’s nearly 80 degrees down here. I’m pretty excited about Christmas and have a lot of wonderful presents. You can play with them when you come to visit. I’m just happy to be here with my folks for the holidays. Hope you all have a great holiday season!

Joseph Thurman Tussing

John Mullens and Susan wrote from Fort Gordon, GA where he safely arrived after his tour in Korea.  John is working as the 513th MI Bde Telecommunications officer while he awaits his medical board.

Jeff and Lisa Johnson wrote from FT Leavenworth (don't worry, Jeff was there for the short course).  Jeff was finishing up CAS3 and passed along some information. Lisa had the first member of what Jeff says will hopefully one day be a huge family. Lauren Ashley was born on 30 DEC 97. Jeff and Lisa are back at Hood, Lisa’s still on maternity leave in Houston and will meet him back there after CAS3. Jeff  is at 1 CAV and will hopefully take command of a Longbow company next year. Lisa’s at COSCOM. Jeff also said that he knows Steve and Michelle Cavoli are due with their first on 6 March.

David Crossley wrote and it seems that he has turned into a marketing guru. He has been extremely busy over the past 5 months.  To start, he is still with Frito-Lay.  He helped close a manufacturing plant in St. Louis in September.  He then moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas to help place a brand new plant into production.  he got all moved and was then asked if he would go check out an identical plant in Lynchburg, Virginia in hopes that he would agree to another transfer.  He did go, he liked it, and that is where he now resides.  In the meantime, he has been traveling all around the country training on how to make the newest type of potato chip -- fat free.  He traveled to the west coast 4 times and about a dozen times up and down the east coast.  He even got a chance to visit our "Rock bound highland home" the day after Army-Navy.  During the last 3 months of '97, he only spent 10 nights in his own apartment.  He did rack up the frequent flyer miles!!
So he is now living just outside of Lynchburg, VA making the new WOW! brand fat free Lay's and Ruffles potato chips.  He says to keep an eye on PepsiCo (Frito-Lay is about 50% of the company) as the new chips will be hitting the stores and should send the stock up.