Class of 1992 Happenings from the January/February 1997 Assembly:

On 26 October, Jackson Steele died at home in Marietta, GA. His valiant fight against an unyielding cancer provides each of us with a noble example of faith and determination. The class extends its prayers and sympathies to his wife Bonnie, and their entire family. From E-2 to B-4 to the rest of the class, Jackson's courage will forever serve as an inspiration to the Brave and the Few.

Brian and Carol Coll and son Addison are enjoying life in Colorado. Brian works with a Cav unit a FT Carson while Carol runs an intelligence crew in Cheyenne Mountain for old NORAD. Addison celebrated his first birthday on 7 September. Thanks to Brian's father, '65 Scribe, for the info.

Chris Carr wrote with news of his 1994 marriage to Carly, and additions to their family - a dog, Maggie, and a cat, Cassidy. Chris extended in Germany and said it definitely was the right choice for him. He worked with the 10th SF Group on a 3 month rotation in Bosnia. A month later, Chris was directly involved with recovery operations after Secretary Brown's aircraft crashed in Croatia. Immediately after that, Chris was rushed to assist in the NEO in Liberia. No rest for the weary! While it was a great experience, Chris said he'd rather visit without the rain of RPGs and refugees. He's finishing his time at SOC Europe and plans to rotate back soon for the advanced course.

Don and Annie Vollmar wrote from FT Leonard Wood and the EOAC. With him are several classmates who participated in a program that extended them at EOAC for 4 months after the course was completed to attend more classes and earn a masters in engineering management. They received credit hours for much of their advance course work, completing most of their classes at the University of Missouri, Rolla. Don sent pictures of the class, but the faces were too small to print. Thanks for the info and congratulations to all the EN ME recipients - Ricky Ahn, Brian Carlock, Chris Dailey, Mike Dauer, Tom Heinhold, Jeff Jagielski, J.J. Jordano, Craig Magerkurth, Silas Martinez, Rich McCarthy, Steve McCullough, Mark Moran, Dave Newman, Bob Sobeski, Hank Thompson, Don Vollmar, and Dave Wagner.

Matt and Karrie Faith were married on 19 April 1996 near Pittsburgh. Pat Howell and Chris Coglianise were groomsmen and helped celebrate. Evidently Cogs had a little too much fun and left the party only under the helping hands of others. Matt and Karrie honeymooned in Ireland. Matt was actually on TDY orders during the honeymoon, investigating the IRA in hopes of helping the motherland. What do you mean you can't do that? They are headed to FT Hood after the advance course at FT Benning.

And the births keep on coming! Congratulations go first to Aaron and Rebecca Pitney who added another to their ranks with the birth of Mary Ellen Hart Pitney on 10 September. Everyone is healthy and enjoying the Hawaiian countryside. Aaron is finishing his interning duties before he finally settles down with pediatrics.

Jay and Christin DeGeare beat out Jim and Dawn Gaylord in the baby derby. Let's go upstairs for the play-by-play. Both families got a fair start at FT Knox, but the Gaylords were the heavy favorites for the win, as the Gaylords were due on 9 September. The DeGeares weren't due until 21 October, which left them the underdog. So let's set the stage - it was early September, and the Gaylords were expected to round the turn and cross the line any day. The DeGeares, still way back in turn #2, were looking at an embarrassing loss. In a desperate attempt to even the odds, the DeGeare coach, Jay, decided to PCS to FT Sill, hoping that might spur a late-race comeback. By mid-September, the Gaylords were tearing down the stretch to what appeared to be an easy victory. The doctors were disappointed with the heavy favorites performance, so they decided to induce a Gaylord victory. Early that morning the Gaylords went screaming into the last two hundred yards, when out of nowhere the DeGeare's ripped around the 4th turn! The PCS gamble had paid off! All of a sudden, both women were in labor. The underdog (DeGeare) had caught up with the heavy favorite (Gaylord). AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY CAME! Monitoring the race by telephone, the judges were hard-pressed to make such a close call at the wire. With only a few yards to go, the DeGeares pulled a half a length ahead and crossed the wire, pulling out one of the greatest come-from-behind victories ever witnessed at the annual baby derby! Congrats to both families, Jakob Rollan DeGeare was born on 24 September, followed closely by Kathryn Elizabeth Gaylord on 25 September. Moms and babies alike are healthy and the coaches are too tired for comment.

Keep the info coming and start planning for the 5th year reunion next fall. God Bless THE BRAVE AND THE FEW!

Class of 1992 Happenings from the Web:

Greg Anderson writes to say that he just figured out all this WWW stuff, and that he got out back in December, and now has his own home building company in Houston. The independence is both great and sometimes overwhelming, but he says he's having a blast. Paul Johnson also got out and got a job with General Electric is Chicago. Judy Lee (his wife) and Julia Lauren (baby girl) will be going with him when he starts sometime in March. John Head is in Korea while his wife and J.T. Jr. and daughter Shelby are in Utica with her parents for the duration. Pete Carey also got stationed in Korea and is somewhere up on the DMZ. With him protecting the border, we should have no worries. HA!!?! Rick Pressel and wife Donna are at Ft.Hood still showing Steve Cavoli and wife Michelle around. This is a pretty good way to keep up with everybody. Too bad everyone is not on this web stuff. Does anyone know how to get web addresses for people in Korea?

Vic Ames reports from the front lines of Bosnia to let you know all is well in the peacekeeping business. Brendon Gibson or alias Chang Bang is on his way out of the Army with an ETS date of 1 May. For the last year and half he has been the Engineer Brigade, 1st Infantry Division S-1. Shamming harder than ever he has been deployed for a total of 5 days in that time period. He currently plans on doing the "world trip" thing, before heading back to the states. He is going to try to pick up the English Teacher tab in Poland so he can go to countries like India and Thailand to teach English. John Ende is currently in Buffalo working for the Corps of Engineers. He also is getting out this summer. Vic talked to Neil Hedke on the phone before Christmas. He was forward deployed to Sarajevo (what a bombed out town) working for the LANDCENT engineer section and was getting out this summer some time. He currently was dating Yolonda Turner and I believe they were about to get engaged. Vic also saw Bill Artigliere in Bamberg the day before he ETS'ed. Not sure what direction he was heading. Heard the Lauren Darnell and Scott Belveal were back in Benning and were enjoying Basic Training Company Commands before they ETS'ed. The story goes they went back to IOAC to get out of Germany early, then put in their paperwork to get out, since they still owed the Army another year, they decided to take Commands rather than work on a staff for their time. I am sure that is a classic story with those two clowns. Mark Membrino is at the LA District with the Corps of Engineers. Supposedly married one of his female line platoon leaders when he was XO. Aaron Knudson applied to the University of Munich. Not sure if he got in or not, but I also heard he had married a local German girl, and was planning on staying in Germany for awhile. Pat Williams went back to FAOAC. Larry Wittwer was at Fort Leonard Wood at the ENOAC. Julie Robert and Tom Heinold were also at FLW. As for Vic, he's in charge of the MND(N) Mine Action Center on Tuzla Main. He is currently redeploying back to Germany in April and should be out of the Army soon after that. Not sure what he'll exactly doing after that, but will let everyone know as soon as he finds out.

Chris Coglianese wrote with an update from Fort Campbell. Chris is currently serving in the 2nd Brigade (502nd Infantry Regiment) as the assistant S4. In May, he anticipates becoming the Brigade Adjutant and hopefully commanding a rifle company by May of 98. Chris also also seen Risa Cowher (Griffiths), Carolyn Copenhaver (Hughes), Jodie Narel (Wiese), Rod Hammond, Brian Tuson, Lance Bailey, Mark Amato, Greg Bonds and Ken McGuffy at FT Campbell. Bob MacLeod was also there but he left in December for Aviation OAC. Carolyn, Lance, Mark, and Greg are all getting out this summer. He also stays in contact with Matt Fath who is the S3 Plans for the Force XXI Brigade at Fort Hood. Chris' old roommate from school and Fort Benning, Chuck Hallman took command of D/1-8 Infantry (Mech) at Fort Carson in January. John Karagosian works in a Brigade S3 shop in the 2nd ID in Korea. He comes to Campbell this October. He was at Pat Howell's wedding in September. He's somewhere in Germany. Scott Belveal is again in IOAC after a stint as the CG's Aide. He was recognized this past May with a MacArthur Company Grade Leadership Award by the Chief of Staff of the Army. Chris thinks Scott was the only 1LT, everyone else was a post-command Captain. Chris also has heard that Joe Frescura is coming to Campbell after he gets SF qualified, but he's not 100% on that. Steve Cavoli is married and serving in the First Cav Division. Neil Hedtke is here too, but he is out in April 97. He's looking for work in Nashville.